The cone crusher is divided into two series of hydraulic and spring. The hydraulic series is divided into multi-cylinder and single-cylinder. Here we analyze the difference between the two cones of the hydraulic series.

Cone crusher is a medium and fine crushing equipment commonly used in the production of mines and other industries. This crusher is mainly used for the secondary crushing stage of harder materials. Of course, this type of machine is used to complete different production differences. demand.

The cone crusher can be divided into spring series and hydraulic series. These two different series of crushing equipments differ in the insurance system. Then the hydraulic cone crusher can be divided into two types: multi-cylinder and single-cylinder. Different equipments There is a big difference between them. Here we are going to introduce the difference between these two devices.

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According to the names of the two different equipments, “single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher” and “multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher”, the significant difference between the two is the difference in the number of cylinders. The crushing equipment of the multi-cylinder series is in contact with the material. The reason for the large area, so the efficiency will naturally be higher, this does not mean that the multi-cylinder cone crusher is better than the single cylinder, and other factors need to be considered.

The difference between these two different cones is that the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has simple structure, few parts, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance, and easy automatic control. The disadvantage is that the above mentioned efficiency and multi-cylinder equipment ratio are low. In addition, the adjustment method of the single-cylinder equipment is completed by the lifting and lowering of the moving cone. In the production, if the feeding is not uniform, the wear of the rolling wall of the equipment may be uneven.

After analyzing the difference between the single-cylinder and the multi-cylinder cone crusher, when selecting these two different types of equipment, the basis of the reference, in addition to the capacity, includes the price, etc. Generally, if two The equipment can meet the needs of the user’s production, then the single-cylinder cone is preferred, because of the lower price, it is more suitable for users with low input requirements.

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