Copper ore has great economic value and it has wide application. Chile is a famous copper ore country and the related mining process machines are easily found in this country, such as copper ore crusher mill, flotation machine etc.

Copper Ore Mining Plant

Copper Ore Characteristics And Application

The hardness of copper ore is 3 and its specific gravity is 4.9-5.3 g/cm3. The proven copper ore reserve is about 600 million tons around the world. Chile is the largest country with copper reserves and it accounts for about a third of the reserves in the world. Copper ore is widely used in electric, machinery, vehicles, ships, construction industry and civil apparatus.

Copper Ore Mining Process Crusher Mill For Sale In Chile

To make best use of copper ore materials in Chile, it will need copper ore mining process machine which mainly includes copper ore mining crusher mill, copper ore flotation machine. Being a supplier, MF INDUSTRY can provide the requirement machines in copper ore mining process.

In copper ore mining process, it mainly adopts the simple processing line. Through grinding, the 200 mesh copper ore materials will account for 50-70%. In this production line, it will need 1 rough separation, 2-3 times concentrating and 1-2 times screening. In copper ore crusher grinding process, it will need ball mill being the main working equipment. SBM’s ball mill can process the materials whose feeding size is less than 25 mm. After the whole grinding stage, the end output products size will be 0.075-0.3 mm. Features with energy saving, large capacity, this copper ore crusher grinding ball mill is popular in Chile.

Flotation Machine Used In Copper Ore Mining Plant

After the copper ore grinding stage, you will get the fine powder copper ore. However, there are some other undesired materials involved in them. You should have the beneficiation process—that’s flotation process. With flotation machine, you will separate the impurities from final copper products.

With SBM’s copper ore flotation machine, the copper ore mineral pulp being added special pharmacy will be passed into the gas and the electric rotor. All these materials will be mix and stirred. At this moment, the grain of copper ore mineral is above on the bubble and it will float on the surface. Through blade scrapings, you can get the sorting copper ore materials.