The impact crusher and the jaw crusher are both common and more versatile crushing equipment.

These two equipments play an important role in the mining field. They are generally located at the front end in various production lines. The jaw crusher is generally used as a crusher. The first-stage crusher, commonly known as the coarse crusher, is called the secondary crusher, which performs the effective secondary crushing work on the materials processed by the jaw crusher; the two crushing equipments have the same point, that is, the processing There are no strict requirements on the types of materials, which can meet the crushing tasks of all metal or non-metallic minerals. At the same time, it can accomplish the task well for the crushing of difficult materials, especially for minerals with high impurity content and high humidity. These two kinds of equipment can better reflect the specific advantages of the equipment.

jaw crusher

The difference between the impact crusher and the jaw crusher

1. Differences in structural principles

The impact crusher and the jaw crusher are fundamentally different in terms of structural principle, because the core components of the two types of equipment are different, the crushing parts of the impact crusher are counterattack plates, and the core components of the jaw crusher are For the two components, we elaborate on the specific role they play in the device:

Counterattack: The specific working process of the counterattack is that when the equipment is started, the counterattack relies on the force of the motor to achieve the entire crushing process of the material. The material of the counterattack must meet the standard, especially the hardness must meet international standards. To ensure the overall service life of the equipment, and at the same time, the crushing particle size of the material can meet the customer’s practical application standards, especially for materials with relatively large moisture content. When crushing this material, the counter-attack plate must be cleaned. It will not cause serious blockage of the equipment during material processing, and it can also improve the overall purity of the material.

2. There are some differences in performance advantages.
There are also some differences in the performance of these two kinds of crushing equipment, but both of them can create considerable economic benefits for customers, and the specific advantages are fully reflected according to the differences of customers.
For example, the control system of the impact crusher is more perfect, and the protection device of the jaw crusher is more developed. The following is a detailed description of the application of these two advantages in their respective equipment:
The control system of the impact crusher: the control system is the software part of the equipment, and plays a dominant role in all the hardware at the same time. Its theoretical application and the maturity of perfect technology are the standard of the progress of the times and the rapid development of science and technology.
In particular, it has played a key role in realizing the artificial intelligence of the equipment, so the more perfect the control system is, the higher the automation level of the equipment is. Highly automated equipment is of great help to the running state and production efficiency.
At the same time, it has considerable benefits for reducing the probability of equipment failure and improving the process of equipment maintenance.
Protection device of jaw crusher: the protection device is to ensure that the core components of the equipment are not strongly damaged, and the device does not play any role in the normal production and operation of the equipment, only when there is an abnormal condition of the equipment,
Only then can this part play its unique role and advantage, carry on the forced shutdown to the equipment, protect the motor of the equipment to a great extent, but also protect the whole equipment at the same time.
There is one thing that needs special attention, that is, after the reasonable and effective implementation of the protection action of the device, its reset button must be manually restored, otherwise it will affect the normal start-up next time.

3. The main differences in energy conservation and environmental protection.
Energy conservation and environmental protection is a subject in the new century. With mankind paying more and more attention to the environment, the proposal and advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection policies have been carefully planned and deployed to solve this problem, and remarkable results have been achieved so far.
There are many factors for energy saving and environmental protection, and the characteristics of these two kinds of equipment are also different in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection. Their sides are mainly different, and the impact crusher has more advantages in energy consumption.
On the other hand, the impact crusher has a greater breakthrough in noise, which is described in detail below:
Energy consumption of impact crusher: low energy consumption is a powerful embodiment of energy saving and environmental protection. The main reason for the low energy consumption of this equipment is that the motor performance of the equipment is very good.
The motor adopts internationally better quality components with low energy consumption, low power consumption and good performance. The parameters of the components can meet the actual needs of users, especially the power of the motor is very low.
The low power motor is another way to reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, which is to improve the energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment from the fundamental problem, and to make a strong contribution to the cause of environmental protection today.
So this is where the strike crusher has a persuasive advantage.
Noise of jaw crusher: noise is also a factor affecting energy saving and environmental protection. According to the 2015 environmental protection survey report, noise is not only a threat to human living environment, but also a threat to human physical and mental health.
Therefore, the eradication of noise is a more intractable and urgent problem to be solved.
The emergence of the noise elimination circuit of the jaw crusher has immediately aroused widespread concern and great sensation in the industry. It not only fundamentally solves the problem of noise, but also helps to improve the energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment.
The mobility of the part is very flexible, and the installation location can be reasonably selected according to the noise in different places of the device, and the model and size of the part can also be reasonably selected according to the noise of the device.
This is the complete advantage of high-quality equipment.