HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a new high-efficiency cone crusher independently researched, developed and designed by SBM through summarizing over twenty years of experience and widely absorbing advanced American and German technologies about cone crushers. This cone crusher integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies, and possesses advanced cone crusher technologies in the world.

Product Features: Bigger capacity, safer and more intelligent, higher efficiency

Input Size: 0-370mm
Capacity: 45-2130TPH
Material: Granite, diabase, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ores and non-metallic ores, etc.




Model Cavities Maximum feeding size (mm) Minimum discharging size (mm) Capacities (t/h) Nominal installed power (kw) Maximum installed power (kw) Overall dimension (mm)
HST100 S1 Extra Coarse 240 22 85-170 90 90 1550×1575×2545
S2  Medium Coarse 200 19 70-130
H1  Fine 135 10 45-115 1550×1575×1965
H2 Medium Fine 65 8 35-80
H3  Extra Fine 35 4 27-60
HST160 S1 Extra Coarse 360 25 120-345 132 160 1875×1920×3195
S2  Medium Coarse 300 22 105-305
S3 Coarse 235 19 90-275
H1 Fine 185 13 66-210 1875×1920×2400
H2 Medium Fine 90 10 65-165
H3 Extra Fine 50 6 48-105
HST250 S1 Extra Coarse 450 35 255-605 220 250 2100×2320×4096
S2 Medium Coarse 400 29 215-515
S3  Coarse 300 25 190-490
H1 Fine 215 16 110-395 2100×2320×2780
H2  Medium Fine 110 13 115-340
H3 Extra Fine 70 8 90-255
HST315 S1  Extra Coarse 560 41 335-1050 315 315 2380×2735×4630
S2 Medium Coarse 500 38 305-895
H1  Fine 275 16 170-665 2380×2735×3265
H2  Medium Fine 135 16 190-505
H3  Extra Fine 65 13 205-320
HST560 H1  Fine 300 22 430-1515 560 560 3780×2341×4531
H2  Medium Fine 155 19 380-1375
H3  Extra Fine 80 10 270-775
HST750 H1   Fine 370 25 460-2130 710 750 3100×3623×5305
H2  Medium Fine 195 22 525-1605
H3  Extra Fine 85 10 350-8

Cone crusher manufacturers Note:

1.The bulk specific weight is calculated by 1.6t/m³. When the width of the feeding port is above 600mm, it is a large-scale machine while when the width ranges from 300 to 600mm, it is a medium-sized machine.

2.Product pictures and parameters about models, data, performances and specifications on this website are for reference only. There is a chance that SBM may make changes on above-mentioned information. For specific messages, please refer to the real objects and user manuals. Without special instructions, SBM keeps the right to explain all data involved in this website.

Working Principle

When a HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher works, driven by the motor, the transmission shaft rotates under the action of belt pulley and triangular belt. Next, the transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to make it rotate around the axis. Meanwhile, the eccentric sleeve forces the movable cone to do pendular movement. This movement makes the movable cone and fixed cone sometimes close to, sometimes far away from the rolling wall. Materials are continuously shocked, squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity between the crushing wall and the rolling wall. Finally, materials are discharged out of the machine when their fineness reaches the discharging standard.


High Production Efficiency, Strong Holding Capacity

HST Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher achieves higher production efficiency and better product quality by matching suitable crushing cavity, eccentric distance and movement parameters. Combined with optimized strength and high-quality components, HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher has bigger holding capacity and crushing ratio as well as stronger throughput capability.

Fully Automatic Control Covering Whole Production Process

The fully automatic control system equipped on the HST Cone Crusher can provide manual control, constant discharge opening control, constant power control and many other operation modes for users to select. It can continuously monitor the internal actual load of the crusher to optimize the use ratio of the crusher and allow it to play its best performance at all times.

Easier For Maintenance, More Effective For Cost Savings

HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher has a simple structure. Almost all checks and maintenances can be done by only taking down the upper rack. The structure can not only make maintenances and checks get easier, but also save maintenance costs a lot. Besides, HST Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is compact on its structure, occupying small floor area, which further cuts expenditures on the foundation building.

Multiple Cavity Types Meet Various Production Needs

HST Hydraulic Cone Crusher has several kinds of standard crushing cavities which can fully meet the secondary, tertiary and even quaternary crushing needs after primary coarse crushing.

Digitalized Processing, Higher Precision

There are tens of lines of numerical controlling machine tools. Operations such as steel plates’ cutting, bending, planing, milling and paint spraying are all controlled numerically. The machining precision is high, especially for the core parts.

Sufficient Supply Of Spare Parts, Worry-Free Operation

MF INDUSTRY whose businesses cover production and sales, takes responsibility for every machine produced by ourselves. We can offer customers technical services about products and original spare parts to ensure the worry-free operation.