S5X Vibrating Screen

S5X Vibrating Screen

S5X Vibrating Screen is of high vibration intensity. Under the same specifications, it has larger processing capacity and higher screening efficiency compared to traditional screens. It is particularly applicable to heavy type, middle type and fine screening operations, and it is the ideal screening equipment for primary crushing, secondary crushing and finished materials.

Product Features: Fabricated from a complete plate, stronger exciting force, lower noise

Input Size: 0-200mm
Capacity: 45-900TPH
Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on



Model Deck dimension (mm) Decks Leaning angle of screen (℃) Top deck max.opening (mm) Maximum feed size (mm) Speed (r/min) Double amplitude (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Overall dimension (mm)
S5X1545-2 1500×4500 2 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 45-380 11 4796×3190×2829
S5X1545-3 1500×4500 3 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 45-380 15 4796×3190×3407
S5X1845-2 1800×4500 2 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 60-450 15 4797×3490×2853
S5X1845-3 1800×4500 3 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 60-450 22 4797×3623×3431
S5X1860-2 1800×6000 2 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 75-600 15 6223×3607×3437
S5X1860-3 1800×6000 3 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 75-600 30 6223×3648×4016
S5X1860-4 1800×6000 4 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 75-600 37 6223×3670×4436
S5X2160-2 2100×6000 2 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 85-700 22 6223×3907×3437
S5X2160-3 2100×6000 3 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 85-700 30 6223×3948×4016
S5X2160-4 2100×6000 4 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~11 85-700 37 6223×3970×4436
S5X2460-2 2400×6000 2 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 100-800 22 6223×4207×3437
S5X2460-3 2400×6000 3 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~11 100-800 30 6223×4248×4016
S5X2460-4 2400×6000 4 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~10 100-800 37 6223×4270×4436
S5X2760-2 2700×6000 2 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~12 120-900 30 6223×4550×3469
S5X2760-3 2700×6000 3 18(18-25) 2-70 200 800-900 7~11 120-900 37 6223×4570×4038
S5X3072-2 3000×7200 2 20 2-70 200 800-900 7~11 150-1200 37 7277×4820×4238
S5X3075-3T 3000×7200 3 20 2-150 300 800-900 7~12 180-1800 30×2 7419×4930×50


1.The bulk specific weight is calculated by 1.6t/m³. When the width of the feeding port is above 600mm, it is a large-scale machine while when the width ranges from 300 to 600mm, it is a medium-sized machine.

2.Product pictures and parameters about models, data, performances and specifications on this website are for reference only. There is a chance that SBM may make changes on above-mentioned information. For specific messages, please refer to the real objects and user manuals. Without special instructions, SBM keeps the right to explain all data involved in this website.



Stronger Vibration Exciter Improving Screening Efficiency

S5X Vibrating Screen adopts the SV super-energy vibration exciter. The vibrating strength can reach the international advanced level. Further, the throughput, screening efficiency and capacity can get improved greatly. What matters is that users can adjust the vibration amplitude quickly by adding or reducing standard weight balancing blocks of the vibration exciter.


Optimized Screen Box Structure Making Operations More Reliable

The screen box of S5X Vibrating Screen adopts the FEM simulation analysis, which allows the ideal stress state of the side plate. There is no welded point on the side plate, so it is free from risks of fracture. All connections among structural components of the screen box adopt torsional shear bolts which has stronger strength than the ring-grooved lock bolts.


Modular Design, Lower Maintenance Costs

The vibration exciter and the screen box frame of S5X Vibrating Screen use modular structures. If there is a need for replacement, the modular vibration exciter can be taken down from the screen box to be disassembled quickly. The vibration exciter adopts special labyrinth seal design and grease lubrication which ensure its stable operation. Besides, spare parts have higher degree of general utilization. So, it is easier and quicker for later replacement of spare parts.


Optimized Transmission Manner, More Stable Operation

S5X Vibrating Screen adopts flexible drive device, which can protect the motor from strong shock and free the torque transmission from the axial force, so that the operation of the equipment is more stable. The screen is supported by rubber springs which have long service life and strong corrosion resistance, bringing smooth operation, low noise and less impact on the foundation.


Digitized Machining, Higher Precision

MF INDUTRY has dozens of CNC (Computer numerical control) machine production lines. From steel plates’ cutting, bending, planning to final painting, all steps can be controlled numerically. High processing precision assures that key parts have higher standards.


Sufficient Spare Part Supply, Worriless Operation

MF INDUSTRY, as a prominent enterprise integrating machine production and sales in mining machinery industry, is dedicated to be responsible for every product. Meanwhile, MF INDUSTRY always makes every effort to offer customers comprehensive technical services and sufficient spare parts to let them be free from worries about project operation.

Working Principle

S5X Vibrating Screen adopts rubber springs as elastic supporting components and the SV super vibrator as the source of vibration. The excitation force, generated under the rotation of the eccentric block, makes the screen box do reciprocating motions. When the vibrating screen is running, materials continuously bounce and roll over on the inclined screen surface. By repeatedly comparing with the screen holes, materials smaller than the screen size would be sieved out while larger ones retain on the screen surface. This is the whole screening process.