Vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers

Vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers


Vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers are generally used in the last phase of the crushing circuit. MF’s family of VSI crushers is called   VSI6x VSI5X VSI crushers. Due to their ability to produce precisely shaped end products,  VSI crushers are most popular among aggregates producers, construction industry and recycling applications – as stationary, portable or mobile versions. In mining operations,  VSI crushers are often utilized in preparing the material feed for grinding.


VSI6X vertical shaft impact crusher

Model Sanding making Reshaping Sanding making Reshaping Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Overall dimension (mm)
Maximum feeding size (mm) Throughput (t/h)
VSI6X1263 50  60 454-486  545-583 900-1200 315×2 5700×2980×4190
VSI6X1150  45   55 344-368    413-442 1000-1300 250×2 5500×2750×3950
VSI6X1040  40    50 264-283    317-342 1100-1400 200×2 4880×2560×3725
VSI6X9026   35   45 167-179    200-215 1200-1500 132×2 4200×2400×3150
VSI6X8018 30 40 109-117 131-140 1300-1700 90×2 4100×2300×2750

VSI5X  vertical shaft impact crusher

Model Soft material Hard material Side and central feeding Fully central feeding Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Overall dimension (mm)
Maximum feeding size (mm) Throughput (t/h)
VSI5X1145    50    45 500-640 250-360 1100-1310 220×2 5000×2790×3320
VSI5X9532    45    40 350-540 180-280 1300-1510 160×2 4560×2600×2900
VSI5X8522    40    35 240-380 120-190 1500-1700 110×2 4140×2500×2700
VSI5X7615    35    30 150-280 70-140 1700-1900 75×2 4100×2330

vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers were the first vertical shaft impactors in the world.  VSI crusher was developed in New Zealand ove 10 years ago after which the VSI crushers have spread to thousands of crushing sites around the globe.

VSI crushers have evolved immensely over the years, but their trademark is still the same: accurately shaped end products.

High-quality end products

The secret behind VSI crushers’ efficiency is the unique crushing process. While most other crushers reduce rocks by pushing them by force against metal,  VSI crushers also use the rock fed into the machine to crush itself.

This autogenous crushing action results in lower cost per ton than any other impact crushing method. Furthermore, rock-on-rock crushing has proven to produce end products that have precise and homogenous shape.

In addition to traditional rock-on-rock crushing,   VSI crushers can nowadays also be equipped with metallic anvils on request. In this case the rock-on-rock cavity ring is replaced with an anvil ring, and the rocks are slung against metal anvils instead of a rock bed. The anvil solution improves reduction ratio and enables finer end products, but the downside is slightly higher wear costs because the anvils must be replaced from time to time.

VSI crushers accept fines in the feed and allow user to finetune crusher’s performance by changing the rotor speed or cascade ratio. Due to these features and precise reduction, VSI crushers are especially useful for producers who are after cubical end products used for example in concrete, asphalt and in groundwork materials. Moreover, the accurate shaping capabilities have proven worthy in manufactured sand, heap leaching, pre-grinding, industrial minerals, and recycling applications.

  • End products with superior cubical shape
  • Accepts fine feed material

Increased uptime

VSI crushers the primary path for feed material is through the rotor where it can be accelerated up to 80 m/s (262 ft/s) before being discharged into the crushing chamber. Additionally, material may be cascaded into the crushing chamber, bypassing the rotor.

The cascade feature enables the operator to optimize the capacity and power consumption and to manipulate the product grading and shape to meet the specification requirements.

  • Ability to control product grading
  • Fine-tune product with cascading

Easy to install and maintain

VSI crushers are designed to prolong the lifetime of wear parts and increase the operational availability by reducing the time needed for parts changes.

Service time is drastically reduced with quick access to the rotor parts via an inspection door. The roof lifter and rotor service arm eliminate the need for an external crane in regular maintenance which simplify servicing the internal workings and speed up rotor changes.

  • Low wear costs due to rock-on-rock crushing
  • Metso parts for trouble-free operation


Simple and reliable automatic lubrication handles the daily greasing of the main shaft, crusher automation ensures safe operation and condition monitoring from distance.

  • Multiple features for safer operations and maintenance