What kind of sand production equipment is needed for artificial sand production line?

Natural sandstone aggregate production and artificial sandstone aggregate production are commonly used until the crushing equipment is a sade making machine. The selection equipment is an impact crusher (sand making machine) typical natural sandstone aggregate production process: super-diameter stone treatment -> Screening and grading adjustment -> gravel cleaning The typical production process of natural sand aggregate is as follows: Super stone treatment-> screening and gradation adjustment-> sand cleaning-> supplementary artificial sand-> return water utilization and sewage treatment; When the sand content of natural sand and stone is insufficient, or the gradation of natural sand is not good, the excess coarse aggregate can be used to make sand to supplement or adjust the gradation. Artificial sand and natural sand are generally mixed in a rod mill or spiral grader, and can also be stored separately and used proportionally. Typical artificial sand aggregate production process: semi-finished product production-> macadam production-> [...]